elaine frizzell country guitar
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Elaine Doubleneck in Case.jpg

Elaine's Mosrite Special built by Semie Moseley.
Joe Maphis Original Neck.jpg

Top neck from Joe Maphis' 1954 original doubleneck guitar.

Elaine wearing the jacket worn by Joe Maphis on Austin City Limits in 1984. Logo overlay added later by Rose Lee Maphis.

Elaine onstage at the Jamboree.

Rose Lee Maphis, Brian Lonbeck, Semie Moseley and Elaine Frizzell at the West Coast Country Music Hall of Fame.

Joe Maphis' and Elaine Frizzell's guitars.

Elaine Frizzell and Brian Lonbeck onstage.

Andy Moseley, Co-founder of Mosrite at work on Elaine's JM-65

Elaine Frizzell, Joe Maphis, Semie Moseley and Brian Lonbeck.

semie moseley.jpg

Semie Moseley with Elaine Frizzell's Mosrite Special.
brian and barbara.jpg

Brian Lonbeck, Barbara Mandrell and Irby Mandrell.
joe maphis.jpg

Joe Maphis
King of the Strings